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I'm Steph Castelein (think fishing....cast a line) and holy shish-ka-bob I am so happy that you are here. I'm passionate about traveling, blogging, and finding the slow in each and every day.​

The Grand Canyon in all its glory.

My Story

My Story

I was 25 and had a great job, life, and routine but felt like I needed to embark on a grand adventure. I left my job, bought a one-way ticket to London and spent 3 months backpacking solo through Europe.


I realized then, that we have a say in life. That if we want to make something happen, it's going to be scary and involve a whole lot of hard work, but that we can make something happen!



I met my husband Scott while volunteering after a hurricane and after just 3 weeks of knowing each other (it's the craziest story, ask me about it sometime) he said "I love you. I'm going to marry you" and we got married a year and a half later! 


We live with our cat Gibson in a little cabin on the lake in Northern Michigan and while we still travel and go and see and do, more so we're trying to find the slow in every. single. day. 

Looking super cute in our ponchos.

Why This Blog?

With the hustle and bustle of every day, I'm learning to cherish the slow.

Life moves fast but I truly believe we can make the most of it by being intentional and being present. 

I started this blog to share my own journey with you and hopefully encourage you to find the slow in each and every day. 

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Scott and I in our oh so cute ponchos.