4 of My Favorite Things Right Now

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

I rarely have favorites, rather, favorites for now. The season of life, the way the sun is coming in through the window, a song I just heard...they are all factors in determining a favorite, for the moment.

Because favorites aren't cement being poured in the ground, favorites have the right to change like a green tomato one day that suddenly turned red overnight. We're all ever-changing, ever-growing, ever-new.

That being said, I keep getting asked about the inspirational quote cards I share over on my Instagram story and you better believe they're on my list of "favorites" right now.

I wanted to share where you can find them, along with 3 other, completely random things that I've found I 1. Use, almost every day 2. Would buy for a friend and 3. Have actually made my life a little better in even the simplest of ways.


These quotes are a hit. I get asked about them weekly. They are about 4"x 3.7" and have a quote on both sides. They also come in a little display box so you can feature one of the quotes. They're made from a thicker, card stock like material but are definitely not coasters.

I've sent them in cards, given them as gifts, and now share them almost daily over on Instagram. They're only $9.99 from Target and you can get them here!


We loooovvveeee our Crosley record player. It’s given us an excuse to dust off the old vinyls.

Pick a night and you’ll usually find us dancing to Louie Armstrong or The Big Chill album while cooking supper in the kitchen.

The best part? It connects via BlueTooth. If we're looking for something a little different, we'll switch it over while maintaining the record player vibe. We have the Cruiser Deluxe in Green and got it for our 2 month road trip in the RV. It's been with us ever since. You can find it and more styles/colors here!

I would say one downside to the Crosley is that it plays like a record player and the sound isn't great on it's own. We have a subwoofer connected to bring in the bass. I would definitely consider getting one to help with the sound. You can find one here!


I told you this list is completely random, I mean how in the heck does food chopper make the cut? (Ba-da-cha. That was funny. Cut. Like chopping. But faster.)

I’m not a huge, kitchen gadget gal but this food chopper is one I'd recommend to everyone!

We use ours more often than I would have every guessed. Usually when we're making soups, pastas, salsas, or doing freezer meal prep. And every darn time I'm like "wow, I would totally tell others to buy this." And so, here I am telling YOU!

I have a slightly different variation than the one here...mine only comes with the two different chopping sizes but I wish it had the spiralizers! If I were to buy a new one, I'd get one similar to this.


People, I got myself a thermos I love. Ok, actually I had nothing to do with it, I got it as a gift from my sister but I freaking love it. I've been wanting to buy one I love but have hesitated, not wanting to make the wrong choice (lame, I know but true.) This one though, I take it with me EVERYWHERE (obviously alongside my Nalgene water bottle.)

I’ve dropped it, tipped it, forgot about it, let it roll around in the back seat of the car, and kicked it (don’t ask) and it’s never leaked once.

It has a lock feature so it doesn't open accidentally and is supposed to keep beverages hot or cold for up to 12 hours. It fits in cup holders and is the perfect 16 oz. size. You can buy yours here, I have the White Marble!

There you go! 4 of my favorites right now in life.

What are your go-to things right now? Tell me and others below!



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