5 of my Favorite Go-To Vegetarian Recipes

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Prepping for chickpea carrot burgers.

If you would have asked me 3 years ago, I would have said my favorite meal was steak and potatoes. Fast forward to present day and I have a no carb mindset husband and we mostly* eat a pescatarian diet (we eat vegetarian + seafood/fish). Fun how things change, am I right?*Mostly being that we're by no means hard-core pescatarian. We still eat game meat (like venison and pheasant) and when we travel outside of the US we eat the local food, even if that includes meat. I once met a gal who called herself a traveltarian and we've adopted the same mindset.

I know how different and unknown eating pescatarian or vegetarian can be. Heck, I ate meat with almost every meal before meeting Scott, people! But it's been such a fun change. I used to think eating vegetarian meant an abundance of black bean burgers and salads for every meal. Nope. I now know it's getting to make the same foods I've always eaten in a totally different way.

Luckily, Scott ate pescatarian for 3 years before we met and is an absolute wizard in the kitchen. The one thing I've learned is that with a little bit of imagination and a whole lot of spices, you’ll be surprised at what you can create. Oh and Google. Google helps a whole lot too.

Because I've gotten so much interest from friends and family asking what my go-to recipes are I wanted to share 5 of my absolute favorites with you. I mainly love these 5 recipes because of how darn SIMPLE they are.

Here you are my friend, enjoy! Oh and be sure to let me know any additional recipes you think people should know about below!


Chickpea carrot burgers are hands down my go-to meal when we have nothing else planned. They hardly take any time and taste great. You just throw all of the ingredients into a food processor, make some patties, and cook them up. Boom baby!

We like BBQ sauce on ours but you can fancy them up however you'd like.

Oh and a bonus....they're GREAT as leftovers. We usually have what's left the next morning with a fried egg on top or crumbled over a salad for lunch. Mmmhhmm. Shoot, writing this post is making me hungry...


It doesn't even have to be Tuesday to enjoy this recipe. Get it? Like Taco Tuesday...

Anyway, I hope you're buckled up for this one my friend because you're 10 minutes away from your new favorite taco filler.

We stumbled upon chickpea tacos by a happy accident. We had all the toppings a person could ask for to make some badass tacos but no "filler". Scott grabbed a can of chickpeas, added about every spice on the shelf, and sautéed them on the stove with some oil.

Eat them whole or mash em up, you can enjoy them either way!

I'll be honest, we don't follow a specific recipe when we make these, preferring to create our own taste, but this one here is a good example of what the basic idea is. We just use oil and spices but go ahead and get creative, that's what makes cooking fun!


Sloppy Joes. BBQ's. Taverns. It doesn't matter what in the heck you call these guys, you're going to want to add the lentil version to your list!

These lentil joes were my first ever experience making a proper vegetarian meal. My experience with lentils before this was nonexistent and it was the first time my eyes were opened to taking a classic "meat" recipe that almost everyone knows and making it vegetarian.

They are delicious when served on a bun but we always seem to find ourselves grabbing a bag of chips and cleaning out the pan.

You'll see that the recipe is vegan but I use whatever is in my fridge (for example the Worcestershire sauce.)


This mushroom burger recipe is one of my most recent finds and yes it's because I was making the chickpea burgers from above so much that Scott insisted we try something different.

I especially love this one because it takes hardly any time and still has loads of flavor.

It's a rare day that I actually follow a recipe to a T, this one included. I use just 1-8 oz package of mushrooms, regular oatmeal, and your standard grated parmesan cheese.


Oh baby, have you heard of BBQ Jackfruit yet? If not, add this one to your list and let it blow your mind.

When cooked this way, the jackfruit takes on an almost pulled pork type consistency. Add in the bold bbq flavors and you've got yourself a bbq pulled pork sandwich minus the pork + jackfruit, duh.

I once made BBQ jackfruit using just a bottle of bbq sauce and it turned out just as good.


This one isn’t a main dish but it’s one of our favorites sides so I thought I'd include it for ya. It packs quite a bit of heat into this otherwise sweet dish. Of course, they go great with the 5 recipes mentioned above or any other main dish you're serving up.

If you're looking for a fun and different side, be sure to give these sweet and spicy sweet potatoes a try!


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