6 Reasons You Should be Blogging

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Blogging has changed my life. I’m not trying to be dramatic here but it’s true. It’s been better than I could have ever imagined and I truly believe you should start to strongly consider it as well. Whether you're starting a blog from scratch or you have a small business but haven't dove into the blogging side quite yet, blogging is something you can do to enhance your business and even start making money.

The best part of blogging is that it’s for everyone! You don’t need to be a world-renowned expert nor a household name. You get to share YOUR experiences, YOUR life, YOUR thoughts, and YOUR ideas. Just as you are, YOU are qualified to start a blog.

If you haven't started your blogging journey, I encourage you to read these 6 ideas and see if you're willing to dive deeper into the benefits of blogging for your business and lifestyle.


We're all an expert in something. You can use blogging as a way to teach others more about that topic. Think about this: if people want to learn about something, they either 1. Take a class on it or 2. Look up information online. You could be that resource for them online.

Another thing to consider is the finite amount of money you can make in a traditional job. You work for x amount of hours, you make x amount of money. Or, you sell x amount of product, you make x amount of money. No matter how you cut it, you work and you get paid.

What if you could make money passively? You could start blogging and have it be an additional resource, a way to make passive income. You create the content and share it with others and you’re able to make an infinite amount of money, even while you sleep, just by sharing your knowledge and thoughts.

Here are some examples:

  • Math Teacher: You create blog posts and videos targeted to help parents learn the new math strategies schools are teaching so they can help their own kids.

  • Vegan: You share simple recipes first-time vegan go-ers can try to begin their own vegan journey.

  • Hunter/Fisherman: You write blog reviews on different gear. Whether it’s equipment, clothing, or food you bring along, you write about your favorites or what to avoid and share that with others.

  • Photographer: Don’t just make your money booking shoots. Start a blog sharing how you edit, how you store your photos, what gear you use, your go-to poses, your client process. Share exactly what works for your business and things people should avoid.

  • Type A/Organizer: Share tips with others that help you plan and keep your space neat. Whatever tips you have, others will find useful too.

  • Property Management/Real Estate: Write blogs on your experiences, how to write contracts, how to make sales, how to fix different issues, how to rent, how to list your properties, and the many other things involved in the property world.

  • Woodworking: Share the different items you’ve produced, the tools you use, or a DIY project for beginners.

  • Fitness: Create simple, at home, no equipment needed workouts.

  • Mountain Biking: Write gear reviews, share races, talk about techniques and ways people can start getting better at mountain biking.


The one thing that’s shocked me the most about blogging is the community it builds. I truly believe we are not meant to go through this life alone. Life can be wonderful. It is beautiful and majestic and unbelievable. Likewise, it can be challenging. It can be hard and confusing and sometimes just plain sad. I’ve learned that blogging unites us. It reaches through the screen and whispers to someone, “I’ve been there too and I promise someday, you’ll be ok.”

It’s a space to share our thoughts, dreams, experiences, ideas, challenges, good times, bad times. It’s a place to share a little or share a lot. Whatever season of life you’re in, there are other people going through something similar. You can be that voice they might need to hear or that voice YOU needed to hear when you were going through it.

I can't tell you the number of people who have reached out to me even when I felt like my post wasn't my best. Turns out, they needed to hear it and they took the time to thank me for sharing it. And then to think I almost didn't post it. Silly. Blogging is about community and connections.


Let’s say you already have a website. Maybe you’re selling a product, or you have an online store, or you’re a service based business. Having a blog will help drive more traffic to your site. If you’re posting consistent and relevant blogs, it will improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization aka how you get found on Google) as well as give people a behind the scenes look into your business.

I’ll talk about SEO in the next tip but here I want to focus on giving a voice to your business. By showing up and talking about your products, your business, your challenges, and the latest exciting news people are going to get to know YOU. You’re not just trying to convince them to purchase your product or service, you’re giving them a reason to. You’re showing up. You’re opening the door and greeting them as they walk in. You’re having a conversation and answering any questions they might have. Creating a blog for your website is like sitting down with a customer and allowing them to get to know you a bit better.


Blogging helps with a number of things that are important for SEO ranking. Here’s a great, simple article explaining how blogging impacts your SEO but here’s the short of it:

  • Blogging keeps your website fresh and current.

  • A blog keeps people on your website for longer.

  • Blogging helps you target long-tail keywords.

  • A blog gives you opportunities for internal linking.

  • A quality blog gives other sites more reasons to link back to your site.

  • A blog helps you connect with your audience.

Basically, when you’re creating consistent, quality content, more people are visiting your site and then more people are able to find you. SEO is a bit more complicated when you dive into it but hear me when I say this, people are more likely to find your website when they search for your niche if you are blogging.


I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, “Start making money while blogging today”, “I make 6 figures working 20 hours a week”, “Quit your job and live your dream while blogging”. It all seems too good to be true, but I’m here to tell you that it is true. Now, I’m far from the 6 figures and even further from the 20 hour work week but I will say this: I made money my first month of consistent blogging. Yes. For real. Do you want to know how much it was? 36 cents. Yep, literal cents. But boy oh boy was I beyond excited, ecstatic even. I got a glimpse of the potential a career in blogging actually has. I made 36 cents after just 1 month and a humble following. I couldn't wait to see what would happen when I was more consistent, more strategic, and built my blog over time.

Building a blog that makes you money takes time, it takes being consistent, and it takes creating quality content but it’s possible. But what a cool addition to your income, getting to share something with the world and make money doing it.


What are you going through right now? If you’re going through a season of change or through something new, you could write and share your experiences.

Here are some ideas:

  • You just started a new job.

  • You just quit your job.

  • You just retired.

  • You just graduated from college.

  • You just became a stay at home parent.

  • You just got married.

  • You just got divorced.

  • You just had a baby.

  • You just lost someone close to you.

  • You just started taking guitar lessons.

  • You just started learning how to speak a new language.

  • You just started a new diet.

People will find your journey interesting if you’re willing to share it with them. Blogging can also be a good creative outlet as you navigate this new season.

I hope these tips have helped you see why you should start considering blogging as an option for your business and lifestyle. You can blog about almost anything, drive traffic to your website, bring people together, and make money doing it. Comment below and let me know what you think of blogging as an option in your business or life!

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