A Look at Life: March

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Holy schmoley that sunshine can lift a person's spirit right on up.

It’s this in-between season that always seems to get me. Oh how I’ve so badly missed the sunshine and the warm and the being outside. Let it be known that I’m welcoming spring with open and eager arms. I’m even rushing out to greet it. But if I had to look back, I’d say I loved the winter too….now, I can say it now because 2 months ago I didn’t love it so much. Winter was tough, tougher than it’s ever been I think, but there really is something magical about each change of the season. Something that reminds you to look back and see the good in the season you just had and simultaneously gives you hope for what's to come. I really like having hope.

These are the moments I ALWAYS want to be able to say yes to.

I’ve never heard it put this way before but someone recently called it hustling with intention. I was hooked the instant I heard it. The hustle is so glamorized nowadays. We’re taught to go, go, go…do, do, do…work, work, work but what’s it all for if you don’t get to enjoy life a bit? Our time is too precious and too short to work the whole time, right? It has to be.

I've been putting my head down and working my bum off this March. It feels like I'm constantly writing and creating and content planning and engaging with people. It's been an interesting balance because I'm all about the hustle, I get it I really do and sometimes it's totally necessary, but you KNOW I'm all about having a say in life. With time and work and where I spend my energy. My 2019 word is present and hearing hustle with intention really struck a chord.

I guess that’s why I continue to dive into the online world, and blogging, and other forms of passive income, and sharing it with others…..so I can be present for this life. Present by getting to have a say in what we do with our days. I know it's a different way of thinking, I know it comes with a lot of unknowns and hard work and what if's, and there is nothing wrong with the 9-5....it's just not for me. When Scott says, "Oh snap, the sun is shining bright let's grab the skis and go." Every single time I want to be able to grab the skis and go.

We started eating a pescatarian diet (see my favorite things below) and Scott makes a meeaaannnn tuna steak salad.

Book of the month: Launch. It’s all about creating a successful launch and marketing your work. I’m loving it. The author fits under that hustle with intention mindset. The one where you think about life and work a bit differently than others and find out of the box ways and sometimes unconventional ways to make money.

Gib usually spends some time outside and then crashes HARD right next to me while I work.

It’s March Madness BABY!!!! I once called it March sadness. It’s a fun time of the year for everyone, the players, coaches, and fans, but dang. When it’s done it’s done and it hits you harder than you think it would.

I played basketball at South Dakota State and will always have a special place in my heart for that season of my life. I started playing organized basketball in 3rd grade. That’s what, like 14 years of my life dedicated to a sport and then one day it’s all gone. You’re no longer in the team text. They change the locker room code on you. There’s a meeting and you don’t get invited. No one is there to monitor your workouts….or eating habits. Ooof. I’m all sorts of pumped to watch the women in the tournament (they're a 6 seed!....aka that's really, really good) but I can’t help but think of how great and equally hard this time of the year is.

Anyone else out there pickleball fans? We just officially jumped on the bandwagon. It’s a mix of tennis and ping pong and loads of fun. Two weeks ago we thought they were the annoying people who took up all the courts when we wanted to play basketball and now we find ourselves going to the gym with the sole purpose of snagging a court and getting our pickleball on. Funny how life continues to change.

We jumped on the other side of the camera for a little stylized shoot. Kayla at Kay Marie Photography in Charlevoix, Michigan asked Scott and me to model for a shoot she arranged. Usually we're the ones asking people so I jumped at the opportunity! There were about 10 other vendors included and it was so much fun to meet other visionary entrepreneurs. Plus...we got to eat allllllll the macaroons at the end so it was a pretty great Monday by my standards.

Here is a list of the other vendors:

Venue: Fieldguide Farmhouse

Dress: One Oak Bride

Florals: Northwind Blooms

Hair and MUA: hairbyj_snip

Design: Fall in Love

Stationary: Holly Thomas Design

Furniture and China: Serradella Vintage

Cocktails: Harwood Gold

Macaroons and Pie: That French Place

Cake: Krazy Kakeaholics

Photographer: Kay Marie Photography

I'm back at it people. Crocheting Steph is alive and well.

A few of my favorite things:

Crocheting: I recently got back into it. I used to be an avid crocheter and took a brief hiatus but now I’m back. It’s a fun hobby (something I think everyone should have!) and the best part is that it's been like riding a bike. I feel like I’ve been able to pick up right where I left off.

The Family Freezer: If you’ve been following my blog, you KNOW I love me a good crockpot freezer meal recipe. I think they are a life saver mostly because they are a cost and time saver. Seriously, if you don't look into anything else from this post, definitely look into this!

We're starting to eat pescatarian (vegetarian + seafood) and Scott just found this blog post by The Family Freezer sharing 31 of their favorite vegetarian crockpot freezer meals. It's go time!

Our hats!: I've been pretty quiet about these for no reason other than we have a lot of other things going on but you guys continue to buy them and they're so much fun to share with you! We created these hats to encourage and remind you to get outdoors as much as you possibly can. A friend of mine just ordered a second hat because he, "Never had a hat fit so good." I'm just saying people..... You can check them out over on the shop tab!

365 Q&A a day journal: I said it last month too but it’s the one thing I’ve truly kept up with this year. A question every single day for an entire year, for 5 years. It also makes for the perfect gift!

This Blog Post: Speaking of gifts, take a look at this blog post--21 Gift Ideas for the Ultimate Adventurer-- if you’re ever in need of a gift to give someone. I wrote this for the “adventurer” but it truly applies to anyone. Birthday, holidays, Easter….take a look and see if you find some new ideas!

Cooking almost always involves wine at our house...

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Why You Need a Hobby ASAP--I said it above but I truly think everyone needs a hobby or a personal interest. They make life more interesting, they make you more interesting, and they make you more present. If you don't already have something outside of your routine that gets you pumped, be sure to check this one out for some ideas!

How to Start a Blog in 10 Steps--I get asked all the time how to start a blog, what to write about, what platform to use. I broke it all down for you and show you how to start your own blog in 10 steps.

Disclaimer: Affiliate links may be used throughout this post which means I might make a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you click on them.


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