A Look at Life: April

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

It's hard not to fall in love with this place.

"I’m not sure. I think it’s the people and the trees and everything you can do outdoors and I mean just take a look at that water. It’s incredible." I said as I leaned back to let my seat partner take a look out the window. We were flying over Lake Michigan and the endless teal and blue water looked an awful lot like the Caribbean.

The guy next to me was flying to Northern Michigan for a job interview. I heard myself telling him what I’ve come to know: This place is beautiful, this place is magical, this place is a true gem.

Northern Michigan continues to draw me in.

Me and my trusty assistant.

It’s been a quiet month. One filled with a trip to the PNW, another to visit my family for Easter. We continue to play more pickleball and still find ourselves eating appetizers before supper. Some days are sunshiney and inspired, others are gray and less inspired.

You’d think we’d learn that’s a typical April by now, but the 'summer is here!.....oh wait, it's snowing' continues to be a talking point.

All in all, we find the good, always. Because we know gratefulness takes practice.

Sunset Beach near Astoria, Oregon.

“You guys are always off to some crazy new place.”

“Yes”, I find myself saying. “It’s fun, we really enjoy traveling.” Is the correct response.

What I really want to say is, "We must. We have to." It’s a desperation, a burning inside both of us. We’ll never get this time back. We’ll never be 20/30 something, without kids again. Just the two of us exploring and going and sleeping in our car.

Our bodies are young, our minds too. Our responsibilities, few. Worries, even less. If we get a choice to go, I know what we're choosing. Will it be like this forever? Maybe, maybe not. But right now, this is life.

My cute little family at Easter.

Book of the month: Redeeming Love. Forgiveness and love, two of my favorite things.

Birthday bliss and my fun new apron.

I celebrated my golden birthday on the 28th. Man oh man, what a day. I asked for an apron and if that makes me a grandma then so be it.

Anyone that knows me knows I'll grab a microphone and jump on stage all day but get pumped about my birthday.....eh it's not really my jam. I was determined to make this year different. To accept the love and attention with open arms. It was fun.

I still didn't make a big deal about it but I was right there, excited and willing to embrace the day. Kind of like how I'm looking at life. What a shame to live small and scared, playing a role we assume is expected of us and just getting by. Let's live big and bold and actually make things happen.

27 was a gem. One I'll remember forever. Getting married, moving into our little cabin on the lake, finally starting the blog, and committing to this way of living and pursuing passive income. I can't wait for 28. If I'm being honest I really like the person I'm becoming. I'm not perfect. No way. But I continue to try and live a bold life and right now, that's all I could ask for, I think that's all anyone can ask for.

A few of my favorites:

The Lumineers Vinyl: If you know us, you know The Lumineers are our jam! I gave this to Scott for his birthday to rock on our Crosley record player. It's been on repeat since.

Natural Life headbands: The Easter bunny came and delivered the goods with this headband. I already have two others from this brand but the more the merrier in my book.

These pants: Now that the weather is warming up, I've been wearing my favorite hiking pants more and more. They're from Duluth Trading Company and I love them so much I got myself a second pair last year.

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