Big News for the Blog!

Guys, I did it. I FINALLY named this beautiful little blog.

Ahhhh I’m so excited!!!

Like jump through this screen and high five ya excited.

I’m excited because this has been a thing for 3 years. I repeat, THREE. YEARS.

Trying to choose the perfect name for my blog kept me from actually starting a blog. Oh, there were many other factors as well but for some reason it was a mental thing. I felt like ONCE I had a name, THEENNNN I could actually start.

Oof. I cringe just writing that.

I wanted to name it something memorable, funny, clever obviously.

I thought it should have something to do with seeing the world or traveling or going on adventures.


But I had a feeling that wasn’t what I wanted my life nor my blog to be defined by. That the traveling and the going and the quitting my job and leaving was what I needed to start this journey but it wasn’t going to be my whole life.


And I just couldn’t think of that perfect name.


Until one day I was like, screw it, I’ve got to start this thing now or else it’s never going to happen. So I called it my name and figured I could go from there.


And it worked! I actually started my blog!

That mental block was gone and I was doing this thing for real. I created a website and wrote a post and then another and another and made myself a content calendar and boom, I was blogging away.


But truth be told the name was still on my mind. And frankly, I keep having this conversation with people. ”Oh, it's my name, Steph Castelein. Yes, ph. No not Casteleeeen. It’s like fishing, cast a line, but it's not spelled like that. The e comes before the i. I should really think of something easier, huh?”


And so my friend, I present to you the new name of my blog.

Drumroll plleeeaaassseeeeeee.........

Each Day Slow.


Are you excited? Because I’m excited!

(Three years people, this is three years of excitement!)

So why Each Day Slow?

Well, I’ve noticed a shift in us lately. From the going and the traveling and the onto the next adventure, to being in the here and now.

More present. More aware. More intentional.

And all of those things come when we slow down our days.

Also, about a year ago, I heard the term “chasing slow” and I just loved it. It felt like the perfect way to phrase how I was starting to do life.

Always on the go but chasing the slow.

And so a few months ago, Each Day Slow came to me. I'd like to say it hit me and bam, I was sold but that's not true, I had to play around with it for a little bit. See if it fit. It did.

I actually had my first interaction telling a complete stranger about one of my blogs and it was flawless. Scott was with us and I could see out of the corner of my eye him straighten up a bit, puff out his chest, and get a big ole grin on his face. Each Day Slow fit perfectly my friend and it was a beautiful feeling. Like actually could feel it in my stomach, ohhhh this is gooooddd, feeling.

So, what does this mean for you?

Honestly, not much.

I'll still be doing my usual thing, posting blog posts each week, sending out emails to my faithfuls over on my email list (you can sign up to be a part of that here!) and I’ll be posting a little bit of life over on my Instagram and Facebook Business Page.

What has changed is more of a feeling. You know, that one that lights a little bit of a fire underneath you and gives you a clearer vision of where you want to go? That's what's changed.

As we continue to travel and go and see and do, we’re also going to be focusing on making each. day. slow.

And in conclusion, don’t wait for things to be perfect to start my friend. You just need to start.

You’ll never be fully prepared for life and the big things you want to do and sometimes you just have to do them.

Choosing a name kept me from doing something I’m passionate about for THREE WHOLE YEARS. You can bet your bottom dollar I won’t be letting that happen again.

If there is something you want to do, freaking go and do it.

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey. I truly couldn’t do it without each and every single one of you.

Cheers to living life a little more intentional, a little fuller, and a whole lot slower.


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