Simple & Sweet Caramel Rimmed Drink

This simple and sweet idea will be a hit this holiday season!

An Instagram friend posted this easy and sweet caramel rimmed drink idea and I was so darn excited to surprise Scott with it! It's like a salt-rimmed margarita drink but all things fall. Caramel, cinnamon, sugar and your favorite seasonal beer. Count me in!

It was one of those things that took almost no extra effort but I knew he would be excited about.

With only 3 ingredients and Oktoberfest beers in full swing, it's a really fun and simple way to spice up a drink. Or for a non-alcoholic option, you can substitute apple cider or heck, even apple juice!

Whether it's an easy night in, you're hosting a party, or you want something fun for the kids, this simple trick will add some spice or should I say sweet to your drinks and make you lick the glass!


Step 1: Coat the rim of a glass with caramel

Step 2: Mix cinnamon and sugar in a bowl

Step 3: Coat the caramel rim with the mixed cinnamon and sugar

Step 4: Pour in your beverage of choice

Step 5: Enjoy!

Download the recipe below!

*Disclaimer: I use affiliate links throughout this post which means if you make a purchase, I make a small commission at no additional cost to you!

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