What Should I Blog About? How to Choose a Blog Niche.

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

If you’ve looked into starting a blog you’ve probably seen the first thing you need to do is decide exactly what your blog is going to be about. You need a blog niche, that thing your whole blog is based around.

There's a huge debate over if you reaaalllyyy need a blog niche to get started blogging. The answer is no, of course not. But I will say, defining your niche will make your blogging experience easier and more successful.

By defining your blog niche, you’re able to establish a focus and direction for your blog. You can define your target audience and your community knows what to expect from you.

But when it comes to actually picking your niche, it can be overwhelming. You've done all the research, you know what you need to do, but you can't decide on niche you want to dive in to. You have 101 things you want to write about, how are you supposed to pick just one?

Here are 8 things to consider when picking your blog niche.

1. Ask yourself these questions.
  1. What do I know a lot about?

  2. What are people always asking me about?

  3. What could I talk about for hours?

  4. What are some challenges I’ve been through?

  5. What makes me sad?

  6. What makes me mad?

  7. What makes me excited?

  8. What am I most passionate about?

  9. What blogs/websites/YouTube videos do I tend to read/watch?

  10. What am I going through right now?

  11. What did I need to hear 3 years ago?

Remember this. YOU. ARE. AN. EXPERT. We all are. How? Because blogging is about your experience. Your thoughts. Your suggestions and stories and life. What do people constantly ask you about? If you can talk about it, you can surely write about it!

2. Write to yourself.

What do you need to hear? What do you wish you would have heard 3 years ago? What do you want others to experience or avoid? What has helped you become better at something?

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Blog like you’re talking to yourself. If it’s something you enjoy and are passionate about, you better believe there are other people out there who are too.

3. Do a brain dump.

Put it alllll out there. Every single topic you can think of that you could possibly blog about based on Tip #1. The little things you enjoy, the big things you enjoy, the things people are asking you, what you find yourself thinking about most, etc. etc. etc.

Put your pen to paper and start thinking about different ideas. Then start thinking about what blog posts you could write about those topics. By laying it all out there and seeing it in front of you, you're able to eliminate the not so great ideas and start honing in on what you're passionate about.

4. Use an idea generator.

Need some brainstorming ideas? I wrote about 2 completely FREE websites that help you come up with blog titles and ideas. They’re a lifesaver if you’re stuck or just getting started. Heck, I’m neither and I use them too! You just type in some keywords you’re considering as your niche and then the generator will come up with blog suggestions. Head over to my blog post about the two websites I use and see if they give you some ideas about your potential topic.

5. Don’t worry about a saturated market.

Here’s the thing, if it’s a hot blogging topic at least you know there’s a lot of people looking for that kind of information. Also, blogging is all about quality content, consistency, and YOU. People will keep coming back for YOU. And if they like what you’re saying and learn to trust you they’ll listen to you too. There are 101 travel bloggers out there but if you love it, by golly go for it. Become a travel blogger. Your travel experience is going to be different from other people out there already writing about it and that’s a good thing. People will be interested in what worked for YOU and the experiences you had.

Of course, there’s going to be people out there doing it bigger and better than you but know this, they all started with a single post. You can too. You’ll learn and grow and write your little heart out and soon be getting traffic that can make you actual money.

Now, it might be a good idea to narrow you're niche a bit to set you apart. Maybe you're a budget friendly travel blogger or a 20 somethings travel blogger or a US travel blogger or an overseas travel blogger or a only take a carry on travel blogger.

6. Stay flexible.

That big F word again. (If you haven't been here before it's a joke, my mom always says that life is about the big F word....flexibility.) Know this: You can choose your blog niche today and change it in a month, or a week, or a year, or in 5 years. Let’s say you’ve decided on a specific niche and in a month you’re like this is great and all but actually I want to talk about this. That is just fine. That’s actually the point! Picking your niche isn’t the end all, in fact, it’s the beginning of building a new dream.

7. Your niche doesn’t have to be the ONLY thing you talk about.

In fact, your niche SHOULDN’T be the only thing you talk about. I said it before and I’ll say it again, people will read your blog because of what you’re talking about but they’ll stick around because of YOU. For me, I share tips about blogging on my website and blog but I also share about my passions, thoughts, husband, cat, travel, life updates, experiences, etc. There’s a reason I do that.

If you start a woodworking blog of course you’re going to talk all about woodworking but maybe you include a cool client story or how you got into woodworking or your favorite piece you've ever made or something you wish you would have done differently. By making it relatable, people will be more likely to feel like they know where you’re coming from and see themselves in your shoes.


Here’s the big kicker my friend, you just have to start. You really do. Do this: Pick a niche from your brain dump, come up with 3 blogs under this niche, and write those 3 blogs. Can you come up with 3 more? How does it feel? How does it sound?

The only way you’re ever going to make this blogging thing happen is by starting, with or without a niche. you don't have to keep researching "how to start a blog", "what should I blog about", "best topic to start blogging about", you just have to go for it. You'll learn as you go but you have to go. You can do it friend, I truly believe that you can.

PS: I'm writing a free guide with different blog niche ideas. I'll link it for you as soon as I'm done!

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