The Best Travel Accessory You Need For Your Next Trip--Packing Cubes

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Packing cubes will change your life.....well, you're travel life.

There, I said it. I know, I know, it’s a pretty bold statement but it’s true!

If you’re not using packing cubes when you travel, read on my friend because they are a serious game changer and win my vote for one of the best travel accessories .

Remember that time you needed that extra sweater at the airport and ended up emptying your ENTIRE bag right in front of the gate? Me too, we've all been there my friend.

But with packing cubes you can empty your entire bag and still stay organized! I repeat: No matter how many times you need to get into your bag, you will still be organized when you use packing cubes!

If it sounds like I'm pretty pumped about packing cubes it's because I am! They've been a total game-changer for helping me be organized when I travel and I just want to make sure it clear that I'm a BIIIIG time fan and truly think you'd enjoy them too. Ok? Ok.

We use packing cubes every. single. time. we travel. Whether we're headed for a few weeks backpacking overseas or taking a weekend road trip, we use packing cubes to keep all of our clothes organized.

Packing cubes are simple. They're literally cubes that you pack and organize your clothes and gear in. We primarily use them for our clothes but you can use them for anything. I've seen people use them to keep their shoes separate.

I like to roll up my clothes to save on space and I generally pack my cubes by "type" of clothing. That way, if I'm looking for a shirt, I can just find the shirt bag. I won't say I'm a genius but I'm just sayin it works pretty darn well...

There are a variety of packing cubes out there. They vary in brand, size, color, and design. The one thing would suggest is that you get packing cubes with mesh on the outside so you can see what's inside.

They are generally in the big box stores (Walmart, Target, etc.) and usually any sort of outdoors store. You can also find them online, I recommend these ones over on Amazon, but go ahead and do some research and decide for yourself!

Packing cubes are the most popular item people buy through my blog and the one I get the most feedback of people telling me they love them!

For real, you can ask Scott's sister. She was just traveling in Paris and used packing cubes to pack. She called while over there and guess what we talked about. The Eiffel Tower, crepes, how small the coffee is, and just how FREAKING GREAT HER PACKING CUBES WERE. I'm not messing around here people!

A little bonus from using packing cubes is that they can also be used as a makeshift pillow or laundry bag. I can't count the number of times I've pulled out a cube when I needed to quickly close my eyes on the go. I've also used them to store my dirty clothes halfway through a trip. I consolidate two cubes and then use the empty one for my dirty clothes.

Let me know what you think below! I'm happy to answer any questions you might have. If there is one thing you need for your next trip, consider getting yourself (or a friend!) some packing cubes. Yes, they make a GREAT gift!

Happy traveling my friend,


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