The Organic T-Shirt Towel You Must Try!

*This blog post is sponsored by Lakeshore Dry Goods. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

You guys know when I'm excited about something, I'm REEAALLLYYYY excited about it. And man oh man am I really excited about Lakeshore Dry Goods!

They're the makers of the Sunrise Bliss organic cotton t-shirt hair towel. They are based in Petoskey. And they. are. awesome!

I'm going to list a few reasons why I'm so excited below, but this is what really did it for me. My sister Haley had been reading about how drying your hair with a t-shirt was supposed to be waaaay better for it. She had been doing the t-shirt drying thing for a few months when I met the Lakeshore Dry Goods crew. Scott thought it was just a cool business in the area and I was like "THIS IS GIFT-GIVING GOLD!"

I got her one for Christmas in 2018 and she was thrilled and surprised and all of the above. She loved it so much she asked for a second one for her birthday in March!

I guess I'm so excited because I was a big fan before I partnered with them and now that we've partnered up and I get to share them with you!

So why am I so excited? Here are just a few reasons:


The Sunrise Bliss t-shirt hair towel is made from GOTS certified organic cotton ANNNDDD made with low impact dyes.

What does that mean? GOTS is the "green" standard. It means that every step along the way was inspected and is good for the environment and the people making it. I also like how the towels they don't stretch out or curl. They're made from the same stuff that high end t-shirts are made out of. Our towels look and feel just like they did when we got them!


Yeah, yeah, they're organic, but why do you need a special towel for your hair!? I'm glad you asked! This article will tell you more. Let's just say it has something to do with how your hair changes when it's wet. The t-shirt towel helps keep in the moisture that your hair needs whereas a normal towel strips all that goodness away.

Using a Sunrise Bliss t-shirt towel helps reduce breakage, frizz, tangles, and dry time. It's said to be extra great for people with curly hair but iI have straight hair and LOVE mine!


Lakeshore Dry Goods is one of those classic, started in the basement companies. They're based out of Petoskey and that just might be my favorite part. People? In Petoskey?? Doing really cool things!? I'm in!


You. A friend. A sister. A husband. Anyone. Everyone.

They make a great gift to someone. They make a great gift for yourself! Both Scott and I have our own. Scott's rocking the man bun nowadays and it's the perfect thing for his curls! Oh, also, I saw that they're great for people with sensitive skin or going through chemo because of the friendly fabric. I never would have thought but I like it!


Lakeshore Dry Goods offers their hair towels in 3 different sizes and an array of patterns. They also have added small and large drawstring bags to their shop. Go give them a look and order yours today!

Big thank you to Lakeshore Dry Goods for sponsoring this blog post. I am so excited to be partnering with them and sharing them with all of you!

Happy hair drying!


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